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Why ToFixIt!
The ToFixIt! Advantage
Saves You Money.
Sadly, it is too easy to get ripped off these days. There are so many companies to choose from and unless you know someone who personally has had a good experience with a business, you are just playing a guessing game. So many companies quote a "too good to be true" amount, only to end up costing you more money than a quality company would have up front.

Saves You Time.
To find a good company takes time. Between phone calls and meetings to get quotes, a lot of your valuable time has been eaten away. We have made exhaustive phone calls, researched the local reporting bureau's, Arizona Registrar of Contractors, the appropriate regulating boards for the various industries, and spoken with contractors within each of the ToFixIt! business categories in order to find the very best companies. ToFixIt! is a member of the BBB and expects all participant companies to adhere to its high ethical business practices. We have made certain that these businesses meet and will continue to adhere to an extensive list of requirements below.

Safety & Trust.
Most of the types of businesses listed with ToFixIt! are companies whose technicians come into your home. All ToFixIt! companies are licensed, bonded and insured.* You can feel safe allowing them in your home or working on your car.

Referrals At Your Fingertips.
If mom, aunt Zelda, your boss or an important client needs a reliable, trusted referral right away, you now have a resource. If you are away from your computer, just dial 602-TOFIXIT. A helpful person will assist you right away. You will talk to a real, live human being rather than getting a recorded voice offering too many frustrating voicemail options.

ToFixIt! Certified Logo.
Look for the ToFixIt! Certified logo when you are looking for a good, reliable company. ToFixIt! Certified companies offer hundreds of products or services for your home, business, vehicle, real estate … really all of your life’s needs. It’s one more layer of trust to help ensure that you’ve chosen the best.

ToFixIt Recommended Company Qualifications

Participating companies in ToFixIt! must maintain the following standards and upon request must provide documentation to ToFixIt! to verify such:
  • Licensed, Bonded, Insured and maintain all trade and occupational licenses as required within areas of work performed.
  • Serving the greater Phoenix area
  • 24 hour, 365 day emergency service, (when applicable)
  • Give “priority” service to ToFixIt! customers
  • In the business at least 5 years
  • Commitment to 100% satisfaction
  • Give ToFixIt! customers special discounts, normally at least 10% off up to $100
  • All companies must be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, when applicable.
* Some restrictions & exceptions apply.

Are you a qualified company and want to be considered by ToFixIt? Please click here to complete an online application.

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ToFixIt! is my one-stop referral shop for
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