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"I am writing to tell you about the positive experiences I have had with your “recommended referral” company. I have my free ToFixIt! magnet on my refrigerator as a quick reference for any help I might need in the future. I love the fact that you can call any day of the week or even any time of the day and the phone is answered by a “live” person willing to help you. This was very helpful to me when our air conditioning went out last month on the weekend. I have called for a couple of referrals and have been very pleased with the quick and helpful responses. Keep up the good work! I am going to recycle those Yellow Pages we have laying around the house."
- Justine T. - Gilbert, AZ

"I would like to tell you that it is such a relief to find good companies like you offer. I was not aware of some of the pit falls of a bad company until recently. I did not know that I should be checking to see if a company has a ROC, good record with the BBB and many more of the qualifications you researched on your companies. I visited your website and found a list of things that you check before allowing a company to be put onto your site. I wish I had heard of your company sooner.
-Leon V.

"My neighbor told me about your company and told me how happy they were with the referrals that you gave to them. I went on line thru the web site and put a request for several services. I used two of the referrals and have been very happy with their help. I will recommend your company to my friends too. Thanks for doing your home work on the companies you recommend."
- Helen M. - Scottsdale, AZ

"I just wanted to call and tell you what a really great company you are. I know you don’t probably get a lot of good calls, but I felt you should know that I love your company. Whenever I need service done, I always go to the ToFixIt! website to look for great companies. It’s easy to use and I’ve always had great service. I appreciate that you recommend wonderful companies that I can trust. Please pass this along to your staff to let them know they are doing a great job”
- Barb

"I wanted to vote for ToFixIt! on Ranking Arizona. I had a wonderful experience with A/C company. And I would highly recommend ToFixIt! and am very happy to vote."
- Mrs. Silva

"I am  thrilled with the directory and want  4 more of them sent to my kids (1 to each of them) I used your recommendation of t the carpet cleaning company and loved the experience. Even thought the price was higher than I was used to, it is worth it, knowing that they are a reputable, referred company of ToFixIt!"
- Gina B.

"I had one of your garage door companies out to my house today. I had called another company, recommended by a neighbor, as my garage was broken and stuck open. The other company told me it would be 3 days until they could come out. I was very upset and worried for my safety, with the door open. When I called ToFixIt!, they transferred me directly to the company, and they  came out within 2 hours! Now that is customer service!!!! WOW! I will continue to use ToFixIt! and will tell all of my friends and family members. Thanks again!"
- K. Gregory - Mesa, AZ

"Kudos to you on providing an incredible service to the community! I recently relocated to the area from out of state. Being a single woman purchasing a home is a bit intimidating in itself. Then when you take it one step further and it is time to do repairs and some remodeling on your home, well, what can I say? It was sure comforting to know that there was ToFixIt!.  A reputable company that had already tested and proven that the companies, workman they recommend and the jobs that I needed would be accomplished in a timely and professional manner."
-Bonnie F.

"It was reassuring to know that I would be safe with any of the workers and servicemen that ToFixIt! recommended. I heard about ToFixIt! from my daughter, woe-we-wow-, do I ever owe her for the recommendation. I’ll be paying for this one for a very long time. "I just wanted to say thanks for being there."
- Denise

"Thank you for referring me to my local area, landscaping company.  They called me within hours and appointment was scheduled. They were very knowledgeable and my landscaping needs were addressed. A plan was devised that would take care of my concerns and stay within my budget. They answered all my Questions, and the work was started within a week’s time. The job was completed in a couple of days and my front yard looks great. They even suggested that any plants not be transplanted until the weather warmed up so as not to shock the plants."
-Alice R.

I could not have found this quality of a company on my own. Your referral saved me time and helped me find the right company for my needs. "Thanks you for your assistance. Be sure that I will use your service again and again."
- Mr. Price

"I  wanted to see if I could get another Directory because my is falling apart! I use it all the time and thinks it’s just a wonderful tool. I have been very impressed with the services recommended by you and will spread the word to all of my friends."
- Linda S.

"I am very happy that ToFixIt  is recommending great appliance repair companies. I would love to see more choices on your website for other categories too. But I am  glad that you're endorsing a great companies."
- B. Kidd

"The air duct company that you recommended are very friendly. They did a  good job and were very polite people. Thank you for referral have a nice day!"
- Sherman T.

"I used the recommended local remodeling company service today and because of their excellent service, I will continue to use ToFixIt! Just wanted to share. "
- Dave B.

"Just wanted to thank ToFixIt! on behalf of the whole family for your quick help this morning! The customer service from the Air conditioning company, you recommend on your website was wonderful, and the technician, was both professional and prompt. He's a great representative for ToFixIt! . It was an overall pleasant experience!"
- Debbie - Mesa AZ

"I wanted to tell you how great my experience was with the garage door company.  I called a few weeks ago, and was scheduled the same day. I was so pleased with their customer service and even had to call them back for something else, and again, they were so helpful. I am an older, single woman many companies might take advantage of me, but never a ToFixIt! company.  I have used other TFI companies MANY times. I will always call TFI first for any of my needs."
- Joan P.

"I want to praise you on for finding a wonderful pool cleaning service company. The tech. was very helpful. I am Super Happy and Thank You!"
- Carol

"Thank you for recommending  such great companies for plumbing services. I really enjoyed their services. You offer great companies."
- Lacretia W. - Phoenix, AZ

"Your pool cleaning service company did a fantastic job, very reasonably priced. They always followed up with each stage of the job to see if everything was okay, and they just did a fantastic job! I just wanted to tell ToFixIt! that I was very satisfied with them. The guy did an acid wash & fixed my pumps. I felt like I could trust him and will use them again for any future problems."
- F. Johnson

"I had service done today from your recommended dryer cleaning company. I am very pleased with the recommended company and have been very pleased with many ToFixIt! services. I have called in the past and gotten recommendations on plumbing and some landscaping etc. and all the companies that have recommended have been great. Thanks I really appreciate your FREE referral service."
- Patti & Gary

"This is my first experience ever with a carpet cleaning company and that they were great. The service man was very professional and punctual. He didn't bring in any mess and he didn't leave any. The service man was very neat and tucked in and that the job on the carpet was great. I would recommend the carpet cleaning companies and your services to my friends and family."
- Teresa F. - Phoenix, AZ

"I called the furniture repair and reupholster company they were amazing. They were very nice and the service was very affordable. I loved them and love ToFixIt! for the recommendation."
-Karin B.

"Just wanted to let you know that we used the recommended Auto Glass (got the referral from your website) and they were EXCELLENT....prompt, honest and I would highly recommend them."
-Kathy M.

"My wife Chris and I both agree that the company recommended by ToFixIt!  is about the best contractor we have ever had do any work for us. We started with the Kitchen and completely replaced all the cabinets, lighting, appliances, countertop, and added a tile backsplash... They were always on time, courteous, cleaned up after themselves daily, and worked as if we were part of their family. Their pricing was also better then to other Contractor we talked to for top quality cabinets. We would highly recommend them FIRST for any projects and are willing to be a reference for any of their future Projects. We literally have a new home after they completed the work."
-Leo & Chris H. – Glendale, AZ

"We have used your website on numerous occasions...the companies that we used have always been punctual, efficient, accommodating for our time, and we would highly recommend them to anyone."
-Kathy M.

"I used the TFI recommended company to install an additional cable outlet in my formal dining room. They responded to my request quickly and made arrangements to come out the next day to do the install. Mike, the installer, was professional, quick and clean. The pricing was reasonable and I would recommend this company to anyone.
Thank you for your webpage that made it very easy to get this project done."
-Bob G.

I was so pleased with the service I received from your pool service company yesterday; the bill came to the penny of the estimate. The tec. was so polite, very patient and explained everything to my husband. I also want to let you know how happy I am with ToFixIt!, with great referrals and the comfort of knowing someone checks out these companies instead of us going to the yellow pages and picking the company with the largest ad!
-Debbie H.

 I  was very happy using ToFixIt! and the service he received from the heating and A/C company and would highly recommend both companies!
-Dennis M.

 I was so  happy  with the referral to have my windows replaced.  They  were very nice and cleaned up all their mess. They were great!
-Patty P.  - Mesa, AZ

I used the company you recommended to have my carpets repaired.  They did a great job and look brand new again. Thank you very much!
-Ronald D. - Phoenix, AZ

I was very satisfied with the service the carpet repair company provided. We had damaged spots in the living room and leading to the master bedroom from our new puppy and they did an outstanding job with blending the new carpet into the old carpet. It is hard to tell that the carpet was ever damaged. We highly recommend this company. Thank you!
-Tammy L. - Phoenix, AZ

I called ToFixIt! referral service and was given a great pool service company. I needed help right away. The company made time the very day and helped with restoring service of our pool. I also had a summer without a green bloom.
Thanks for all that you did.
-Michael M. - Tempe, AZ

I recently hired one of your recommended companies to clean my Saltillo tile and grout. My grout, a light color, was covered with dark areas that had been sealed over multiple times. When providing the estimate, the company took the time to explain in detail the cleaning process and even demonstrated the process for me. They were very professional and knowledgeable. My tile and especially, my grout cleaned up beautifully. They do quality work, thanks!
-Christine J. - Tempe, AZ

I called for service at 4:55 pm on the Friday of Labor Day weekend for repair on my garage door. The on-call service tech., called me back within 20 minutes. He was AWESOME....he was honest on the phone regarding the cost of repair considering all I needed was a new spring. He said he would give my # to the office for a return call on Tuesday. I did receive a call at 7:45am regarding my message. The office staff was fantastic! She answered my questions regarding horsepower. She EASILY could of up-sold me to an entire unit, but she did suggest just having the spring replaced and a tune up. Appt. was set for Thursday, between 11am-1pm. Love the 2 hour window. The tech. showed up at 11:30am. I went out to greet him and he introduced himself as, "Brian, the technician who will be servicing my garage". WOW!  I LOVED HIM. He was professional, efficient, organizer, informative & VERY patient, because my father-in-law stayed in the garage & watched the entire installation. Brian was just great. In this day and age where everyone is just trying to make a buck, this company  was honest and I will recommend them to everyone I know. Thank you "To Fix It" for recommending them.
-Betty G. -Scottsdale, AZ

I would recommend the General Contractor that you referred. They were excellent, he was on time and respectful too of my time. They explained the work involved in installing my doors what to expect and explained everything as they were doing the work which put me to ease since they did pretty major construction (removing a large section of a block wall and framing). The owner and his employees were easy to be around and even had a sense of humor. I will definitely use them again.
-Kevin P. - Phoenix, AZ

Scott was the tech. who came to my home and fixed my garage door. He seemed very knowledgeable and did a great job. Thank you for such a great referral.
-Sean N. -Phoenix, AZ

The handyman company that you recommended did a nice job on my patio ceiling. I look forward to do business with them on other home jobs. Thank you.
- Helen M. - Glendale, AZ

I needed some areas in my carpet repaired and the owner and service person did an outstanding job for me. As a former Customer Service Instructor, their business practices and work ethics are ones that I would not hesitate in using as examples in classes that I use to teach to others. Their focus is definitely on customers which I was delighted in seeing. I highly recommend this company as my experience with their work also reflects my continuing desire to obtain referrals through ToFixIt!
-Randy R.

Your heating and air conditioning company has helped me out so many times. I thank God they are here to help me when I need them!
-Jacqueline H.

I called to ask for a company to help me with an electrical problem. Bill the tech., was wonderful, very informative as to what he was doing and what the issues were. He was timely and went right to work. Price was very reasonable. I would recommend this company to everyone.
-David B. - Phoenix, AZ

The company that I used for my a/c issue was great.  The service I received specifically from the Field Supervisor was above and beyond. I am very happy that I called this company.
-Cynthia V. - Tempe, AZ

 I was very pleased with your referral for the landscaping company that I used yesterday. I was more than satisfied with the service they provided.
-Valerie H.

 I called today looking for a moving company, because of the recent great experience I had from one of your locksmith companies. They were wonderful and I'm so glad to have a service like to ToFixIt! with such wonderful companies to help me out.
-Pam B. - Peoria, AZ

The company you recommended for my carpet repairs offered excellent workmanship and service. The two gentlemen that came to my house were polite, fast and professional. I would recommend this company to anyone. Great pricing and quality work. Thank you.
-Jeff P. - Gilbert, AZ

 I called you last week because I wanted to have sunscreens for my windows. Their service was great. They did everything as promised. I will recommend this company to all my neighbors to use for their sunscreen needs.
-Marianna B. - Goodyear, AZ

I wanted to write to express my satisfaction with the carpet repair company that you recommended. Excellent on time response from e-mail; Excellent on confirming and promptness of appointment; Excellent on work done; Excellent on congeniality. I am very happy and satisfied.
-Marilyn S. - Scottsdale, AZ

The roofing company you recommended is AMAZING! I just met with the tech., who not only arrived on time but actually was able to do a quick fix to my roof while he was here. He informed me how I could fix this problem in the future. The best part was that he saved me TONS of money. I can't say enough about how impressed I am with this company. I will be telling everyone about them!
-Amber M. -Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for the carpet cleaning company. They were prompt, professional and did NOT try to bait and switch like so many others have done. I will use them again.
-Gregg G.

I phoned the carpet cleaning company and they responded with in a couple of hours. They did a great job on my carpet as well as my tile in the kitchen. I would strongly recommend them for any job that you might need them to do.
- Anthony W.

Just wanted to thank ToFixIt! for listing such a great company, for my flooding issue, in your directory . We had a tank overflow that flooded our condo and 2 adjacent properties. They were quick to respond to the situation, acted professionally, and were very knowledgeable in their work. They were willing to work with us, treated us fairly, and provided quality work beyond our expectations. I highly recommend them to anyone. You will not be disappointed. Thank you ToFixIt!
-Hana V. - Surprise, AZ

I am thrilled with the 2 times I have contacted ToFixIt! for services that I needed for my home. The companies were great. I love the Directory that I received at my home.
-Cecilia D.

Thank you for the wonderful, free service you provide.  I have used your recommended auto repair shop in my area and they did a great job! I will continue to have my car services there in the future.
-Bill M.

I received your Phoenix’s Best Resource Directory and love it! I just moved into a house that will need a lot of TLC and work in the future. I will be contacting you when I can afford each project. Thanks for offering great companies that you have researched.
-Gilbert M.

I contacted the company that you recommended for my ugly bathtub. It had a crack and just looked dull. The company came in and restored my ugly tub. Now my bathroom looks clean and polished. I will use this company again when I start in my guest bathroom.
-Jessica K. – Sun City, AZ.

I am writing to let you know about an experience I had with one of your recommended companies on your website. I needed help with some insurance issues I was having. After some communication problems at first, the company went above and beyond the call of duty to help me with my dilemma. I will let all of my family know about the great service they provided.
-John. C

I love to visit your site often. You are always adding new companies. I have used several of the recommended companies on your site and have been very pleased with the service. I love the coupon section of your site and the monthly newsletter. Keep up the good work!
-Julie O. –Goodyear, AZ.

I called your office today and was transferred to a company immediately for my plumbing issue. I was given an appointment today! Thanks for the help. We really need to have the leak fixed in our bathroom.
-Susan M.

Thank you for the roofing companies on your site. After the storm, we called several companies and could not even talk to a real person. The companies that you recommend did take the time to answer my questions and scheduled an appointment to look at the damage on our roof.
-Joe S. -Phoenix, AZ.

I am a single mother and have limited time to spend on researching a company that I need for the small odds and end things that I don’t know how to repair or replace myself. The handyman company that you recommended did a great job! I will keep their business card on hand for any other projects that I need to have done if the future.
-Hanna J.

I was very pleased with the outstanding customer service and professional quality of work the carpet cleaning company that ToFixIt! recommended. Technicians were friendly, clean and well trained. I will refer them to my family & friends - thank you!
-Lorna G.

I called the auto repair shop in my area for a clutch repair that I needed for my car. They provided excellent service, work and pricing. They were wonderful to deal with. I will keep the Directory on hand for any other repairs that I might need in the future.
-Kelly C. - Scottsdale, AZ.

I am so happy that I received the "Phoenix's Best Resource Directory" it is wonderful!
-Peggy H.

The roofing company that you recommended was absolutely the most professional and friendly service I have had at my residence in years. They did an outstanding job from the management down to all the crew. We are very happy, as well as our neighbor and one of my husband's employees.
-Velvet S. -Phoenix, AZ.

I called today to let you know about the company that you recommended for our sprinkler issues. I felt they were very honest and did a great job. Also wanted to let you know what a great service TFI is!
-Dan F.

Just praise and thanks for the gate repair company that you recommended. They provided excellent work and customer service. Thank you so very much!
- Mark S.

I just wanted to let you know that the service I received from the home insurance company on your site was GREAT!
-Victor M.

I used the recommended door company and the tech was here this a.m. with the new sweep for my front door. He was in and out in no time. What a great guy and what a great company! I'll certainly use them again. Thanks for the recommendation!
-Kandy K.

Absolutely outstanding work performed at our home by the carpet and tile repair company. Their service representative arrived during the time they said they would be there and his attention to detail and his sincere attention to keeping the mess contained were much appreciated by my wife. The work done is simply beautiful and it looks better than the original tile work performed. I would highly recommend this Company for any tile work needed. Great pricing, great service and their technician was a very personable professional.
-Chris B.

The Drywall Repair Company was first class. The work they performed at our home is top notch. Their cleanliness and attention to keeping the area clean was wonderful. We usually dread having contractors in our home for repair work but we would highly recommend the drywall company. Jay the technician was absolutely outstanding and their rates were very reasonable for the quality of work done. Great job!
-Chris B.

The landscape company that you recommended was very professional and experienced. They completed their project in a few hours time, providing us with a much needed concrete walk-way, as well as landscaping improvements around our building. Their services will be enjoyed by all of our members for years to come! Thank you for your expertise! We gladly recommend your company!
-Shaun W. -Phoenix

When we contacted the landscaping design company you referred.  They came out to our home to give us great ideas and estimate on changing our backyard.  We immediately scheduled them, without checking with other companies because we trusted them to get the job done. Our landscaping job was promised to be done in 3 days and it was done in record time. We were so impressed with the work that was done in our backyard that we decided to have them redesign our front yard. Again the job was done in the most expeditious manner even accommodating our need to have everything done in time for a wedding shower planned at our home the following week. We are incredibly pleased and happy with the way the work was completed and the utmost care they took with our front and backyards. We highly recommend the Landscaping design company for any and all landscape design and work.
-Pat and Rollie L. - Litchfield Park

The Fencing Company that I found on your site for my block wall was fabulous in every way!
-Cheryl S. -Mesa

I called the tree care and stump removal company to set up an apt to have them come out to give an estimate on two trees to be removed. They arrived and we set up a date for the trees to be taken down.
The supervisor and work crew arrived as planned. Thanks to the great team the trees came down with no problem. They cleaned up the areas of all debris and stacked up the wood and came back for it next day.  Great crew and great experience. Thank you!
-Marlene K.

I loved the window repair company that ToFixIt! recommended. They provided excellent, prompt, & efficient work.  Knowledgeable service person, Devon arrived when promised and completed the work quickly & cleanly.
-Herman R. - Phoenix, AZ

The tree care removal company did a great job.  I was very satisfied.
-Pauline M. - Scottsdale

I was very impressed with the Landscaping company in my area that was recommended. I was contacted immediately; the estimate visit was scheduled within a few days. The estimate was sent quickly and was very fair. We were able to schedule the work within a week. They did exactly what I needed and when I needed some additional work, they came the next day to finish the job. I would definitely call for Landscaping again and recommend them to others.
-Lauren S.

Thank you for the Stucco company.  The work crew was on time, very professional, did excellent work and exceeds our expectations!
-Doug M. - Phoenix, AZ

I am extremely happy and satisfied with the Insulation company that  I used. The Owner was like working with a family member. They were very thoughtful and considerate of my needs and time frame. I will refer friends and family in the future without a second thought. The Insulation company was very upstanding and an honest Company.
Thanks ToFixIt.
-Donna B. - Phoenix, AZ

Just want to say that it was a very pleasant experience. I will continue to use ToFixIt as well as the A/C company that you referred me too...  very refreshing to have a knowledgeable and courteous technician.  I am very impressed. Thank you.
-Elaina B. - Peoria, AZ

To whom it may concern-
Thought it was noteworthy that the Roofing Company was professional in every manner. From a follow-up phone call to set up apt, to a confirmation/reminder call and an on route call the day of the appt. outstanding service.
A pleasantly surprised customer.
-S. Campbell

The Plumber who came to my house was very honest and told me immediately what the problem was and how to fix it.  It was a surprisingly minor repair that didn't require a plumber.  The honesty was very refreshing and I will definitely use them again.
-Patrick C. - Phoenix
The pest control company did a great job and I am very pleased with their work.  I would highly recommend them.
-Mary M.

The window replacement company was a great company to work with!  They were speedy, clean and professional.  From the original sales visit and clean-up.  I would recommend them.
-Sharon H. - Gilbert, AZ

The A/C company arrived on the hottest day of the year within a couple of hours of me calling.   They had my unit up and running fast even though it was a holiday weekend.  The technician was fast and efficient.
-John B.

I called and needed an air conditioning company fast.  They arrived promptly as possible, very professional and completed the work quickly.  I was informed of each step of the process and was told about any future concerns that the previous company did not mention during their repairs and installation of our units.  Thank you again for such a great service.
-Tom T.

I was very satisfied with the garage and patio cleanout that you recommended. Thanks again.
-Arthur C.
I used your TV and home repair company today and the techs. were totally knowledgeable, professional, prompt and personable. This is the first time that I used ToFixIt! and I am so pleased that you can bet I will be using your referrals again in the future.
-Glenda P. - Glendale, AZ

I called ToFixIt! today and was referred to a great A/C company who came out on the same day! The tech. showed me the parts that another company told me needed to be repaired.  The parts did not need to be touched, they were in great shape.  I am so glad that I found an honest company who was able to put my mind at ease.  I will definitely use them again in the future for needed repairs. I have had wonderful experiences with TFI companies and think you guys are a great company.
-Sue W. - Glendale, AZ

Your recommended sprinkler repair company did an outstanding job identifying and fixing my sprinkler leaks. They were very professional and fast.
- Colonel Mike P.

The company you recommended for my A/C issues were great people just doing a great job!  No fancy uniforms or trucks.  Thanks for everything.
-Carl and Linda K. - Mesa, AZ

The painting company that I used offered great service. Can't ask for better, my house looks great!
- Dean B. - Phoenix, AZ

The 2 techs. from the recommended carpet repair and cleaning company arrived at our house on time and were professionally attired. After assessing our carpet situation, which was pet related, they went to work. After the carpet was pulled up and the extend of the damage could be seen, they reassessed the situation, gave us a new all inclusive total that was extremely reasonable.  They even went so far as to seal the wood underneath, replace as much of the carpet as possible with left over carpet for us to use in the future. The process was so quick and efficient, my children, 3 years and 16 weeks, were never displaced!  While checking their work, they noticed other places that needed to be repaired. They were spots that the builder had not properly glued, so they repaired those too.  They were a blessing.  I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who needs to repair carpet. Thank you for everything.
-Danielle S. - Queen Creek, AZ

I called for landscaping work.  I called the number given to me and the phone was picked up right away to schedule a review of my property. I was then given pricing and suggestions the very next day. They did the work yesterday and I am so thrilled with their work and the results that I have already given their name to three friends.  They were excellent to deal with and very nice.  I never go wrong with ToFixIt!  I have hired the recommended company for monthly maintenance services.
-Donna P. - Anthem, AZ

In the last 6 years I've used ToFixIt twice: for air conditioning repair and garage door repair.  I've been impressed with the quality of the businesses that I was recommended. Both companies provided excellent customer service and reasonable pricing.
-Brett L.

The men that came to my home for the TV repair I requested were very friendly and nice.
-Adrianne T. - Mesa, AZ

The company that I used for my auto repair from your site was very polite and kept me informed as to the progress being made to my truck and the estimated cost to fix the problem. They did not rip me off.  I was very pleased with the whole experience and everyone involved.
-Lewis H. - El Mirage, AZ

The painting company we used did a wonderful job with no hassle, showed up on time every day, and had the nicest people working for then.  Overall they were fantastic. We were very happy with them and would not hesitate to recommend them.
-Robert and Shirley C. - Mesa, AZ

I am very satisfied with the electrical contractor who you recommended for trouble shooting my tripping circuit breaker.
-Mike E.

I needed to find a company that could tune-up my car so that I could pass emissions.  This business was wonderful... after moving around the country and finally moving back home, I know that it is really hard to find great businesses in a new town. This company went above and beyond what I expected and I will definitely use them for all my automotive needs.  Without ToFixIt! I would not have known about them or tried them.  Thanks to all!
-Melody D.

The company that I called for my main water line leak provided outstanding service!  Sean the tech. was a complete professional about my problem.  He did not sugar coat anything and presented "best case" and "worse case" scenarios.  I called at 11:00 a.m. and he left at 1:15 pm with the repairs completed.  Main water line feeding our home was broken and water was seeping out of the ground.  I will definitely call them when I need service.
-Marty L.

I was at a loss as to who to contact to help me move and then I remembered ToFixIt! from channel 3 news.  I went online and typed in "movers" and I received 2 referrals.  I can't say enough great things about their prompt service, professionalism, quoting system and the overall excellent experience that I had.  Whatever you do please keep them listed on your site as I plan on recommending them to everyone I know who needs help moving.  You guys are top notch all the way!
-Monica D. - Mesa, AZ

I had one of your recommended companies fix my A/C and it works fantastic now.  Thanks to you at ToFixIt!
-Rodney B. - Phoenix, AZ

I just wanted to write to let you know that I really appreciate the owner and his staff at the recommended auto repair shop.  My check engine light was on and I thought my car just needed a tune-up which I requested. After a "read out" it was discovered that the car's transmission, which had been replaced 15 month earlier by another company needed to be replaced again.  I will recommend this site to everyone I know who needs any type of work done.
-Suzanna W. - Mesa, AZ
I have used your services and have been very happy.  I also have enjoyed the sense of humor in your television advertising.
-Karl L.

This company is the best if you need a wall built and I'm positive if you need repairs done. They are honest, their work is amazing and customer service is top notch! When we bought this house in 1998 it had a wood fence and for years we dreamed about a block wall. However, the fence line is 250 linear feet long - walls were pricy. They gave us a fair and great estimate that we could not pass up. They delivered more than we thought they would too. There was a small billing mistake that they corrected right away. I recommend this company to everyone.
-Teresa B.

I was very pleased with the service that the recommended painting company provided. I found the company to be very professional at all steps of the process. The work that was completed was superb. I highly recommend your painting for people that are looking for a trustworthy and high quality painting company.
-Juan G. - Phoenix

I called the glass repair company.  They provided great customer service, were very prompt and did a great job!  I will definitely  call ToFixIt! in the future and highly recommend your glass repair company.
-Kelly O. - Scottsdale

I called  the ToFixIt center this morning.  I  wanted to know how much your company charges for referrals and was happy to learn that it is free!  The young lady that answered the phone recommended 2 appliance repair companies. I wanted ToFixIt know that I was very pleased with both appliance companies. They offered great customer service, response time, and they even gave them a senior discount which I appreciated very much.
-Helen C. - Scottsdale

There is nothing that I can say that will make the painting company you recommended any better. The painting team went above and beyond their jobs to make my house look gorgeous. The company is top notch, respectful and listened to my concerns. They are VERY responsive and beat their competitors by almost $800 for my house.
-Reed T. - Glendale

I received EXCELLENT quality service from the Window replacement company. They came out and provided an estimate. They then returned and installed a quality window. All the service and responses  were very professional and quality workmanship. I would recommend this company and the to anyone. Thank you for this great service and I know I will be using in the future.
-Wendy D. - Waddel

 The referral for solar attic fans and skylights was wonderful, the company did a great job and were very professional and polite. I  would highly recommend them to anyone!
Elaine S. - AZ

Just to let you know that I can write a good review as well as a bad one. I want to say that the fencing company was very responsive and their work was professional and done in a timely manner.
-Richard M.

Big Mike was great! Excellent and very fast service. I was very happy with this lock company.
-Carol M. - Chandler

No suggestions needed for this company. The recommended moving company employees really know what they are doing. The company pays attention the smallest detail to make moves go smoothly. (I have had a lot of moves.) The movers were extremely professional and friendly. They worked steadily, fast, and efficiently. They worked together as a team and respected each other, as well as the homeowner. They were absolutely the best. I am so glad I checked with To Fix It with a follow-up to BBB when I was asked to locate a mover for my elderly parents. The sales manager was also very professional, prompt, and courteous. I cannot come up with one negative comment regarding the services from the moving company that you recommended. Moving is never fun, but thanks to your recommendation it made it much easier.
-Bobbie K.

I called from your site a garage door company and the serviceman was terrific. I am thinking about an opener next! The tech. from the company that you suggested, that we get a coupon online to save a few bucks! Great service, thanks.
-Barb C. - Avondale

When I called about my garage door not closing and it took the Tech. less than 10 minutes to give me a call back from the time I called. I told him my issue and he told me what the issue was with my garage and gave me fix and told me if it does not close than they will have to change the door. I was thrilled with his help and the prompt response. His response fixed my garage door.
-Janet N. - Peoria

Mick was absolutely FANTASTIC! He was here within 25 minutes of my initial call in.....diagnosed the air conditioning  problem and got me back to  a nice cool home within an hour. ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON ABSOLUTELY UNREAL!!!!!! Love you guys.
-Marc C. -Queen Creek 

I was very happy with the garage door company that you recommended to us for our repair needs. Thanks!
-Imre K. - Apache Junction

The name 'Guaranteed' is exactly what this company should be named! What fantastic service! Super fast, efficient and priced very fairly. I do not refer anyone to any business, unless I believe the service is A+, and Guaranteed door service is just that! A+
-Thomas D. - Scottsdale

I had a drip system leak from what appeared to be a bad valve. Ken ended up coming to the house (within about an hour of my first call) not once, but twice to assess the problem. He checked and flushed the valve and determined that it most likely didn’t need to be replaced at this time. Not only did he not try to sell me a needless valve, he didn’t charge me a thing for either of the visits. I can’t imagine any of your competitors would have responded in such an outstanding way.
This was the second occasion I have used the recommended sprinkler repair company that you have on your site. The first time was a few months ago when I got your name through The service on that trip was excellent as well. Justin came out (also within about an hour of my call) and fixed a leak as well as added an extension to my system. The work was done thoroughly, quickly and was very reasonably priced.
Thanks to your outstanding service and staff, you’ve captured a lifelong customer and as many referrals as I can provide. I only wish I had found you sooner.
-Brian F. - Scottsdale

The entire experience with the recommended home theater was excellent. They gave us prompt service, and Fernando helped us decide which wall mount to use and how high on the wall the TV should be placed. He was very pleasant and efficient, had all the tools he needed, and he did a great job. Thank you!
-Deborah P. - AZ

My experience with this company exceeded my expectations with my computer needs.  They were prompt, knowledgeable and got the job done efficiently. I would highly recommend this company and will definitely use their services again in the future! Thank you!
-Dennis H.

We were very pleased with the company that you recommended to repair our garage door.
-Lois C. -Sun Lakes
Everyone at the bathroom remodeling company that I found on your site were fantastic. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I spoke with their staff and they explained everything in detail on what was going to take place during the remodeling. Their team helped come up with some great ideas on the layout, color of tile and everything else that goes into a remodeling job along with staying within the budget. The installation crew (Mario and Doug) that worked on the remodeling job were awesome. These guys were always on time and always kept everything clean. I was so amazed on how the bathroom remodeling turned out, I didn't think it was going to be that beautiful. I'll recommend them to everyone. Thanks to everyone!
-Tom R.

I contacted the landscaping design company out to bid on a job.  I thought it was not all that big, but after seeing the amount of dirt removed it was quite large.  I am glad that I did not tackle this job!  Also after watching 30 years of DYI, TOH, Kitchen and Yard Designs, I like to commend and recommend this company to you and to other homeowners out there. The crew KNEW Exactly what to do and how to  do it.  I would watch and I knew what was required prior to the next step in the process and I did not have to say anything.  They really knew what they were doing!
Al C., Peoria AZ.

Unbelievable service!!! My husband and I are SO impressed with Scott, Robert and team.... they delivered to the "T"!! We have had so many people in our new neighborhood stopping by and asking for information on the company who installed our block wall and gates and they were equally impressed with the timely work that was performed.... we are the most satisfied customers and will totally recommend your fencing company AMAZING!!!!
-Julie M. AZ.

I am so happy with the prompt, honest, efficient and reasonably priced service I received from both Companies I got from my To Fix It Directory I received in the mail! This Directory will be with my important papers!!!!!! Thank you.
- Desiree

ToFixIt! thank you for your wonderful recommendation for our duct cleaning needs. Zack and Erik did a fantastic job and were very friendly, courteous and professional. They made sure to protect my home during the process, explained what they were doing and why. I was impressed with how they cleaned up afterwards as if they were never there. That is extremely rare in my experience. They did a fantastic job. I would definitely recommend.
-N. Smith Mesa, AZ.

I wanted to share my experience with on of your recommended companies. They did an absolutely fantastic job. I am very satisfied. They arrived right on time. They cleaned the dryer vent and showed my a vidoe proving the air was flowing freely. I would freely recommend this company for any duct cleaning.
-Donna W. Glendale, AZ

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