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Reverse Osmosis Systems - Sales & Installation


Parker & Sons
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After 30 years, Parker & Sons has evolved into one of Arizona's oldest and largest service companies with more than 100 team members. Our company goal is to make sure that Grandpa Parker's tradition of 100% customer satisfaction lives on today. Trust wasn't just a word, it was a contract.

Parker and Sons
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Reverse Osmosis Systems - Sales & Installation

Did you know that the water right at your kitchen sink can have harmful chemicals such as chlorine & pharmaceuticals and other toxins? Not to mention that many of those plastic bottles we purchase are environmentally harmful.

Prior to adding a water filter and purification system to your home it is important to have your water tested first. Did you know that some chemicals can clog your pipes therefore reducing the fresh water production? These are just a few of the items you should take into consideration before you make any changes in your family's drinking water.

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