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Pest Control & Elimination


Burns Pest Elimination
(602) 707-6634

  • Power Spray Entire Exterior of Home
  • Hand Spraying All Eves/Windows/Doorways
  • Bird/Bee/Scorpion/Termite Control
  • Bed Bug Detection/Protection Devices
Burns Pest Elimination offers a variety of services designed to eliminate pests in and around your home. Our attention to customer service is second to none we guarantee it. If not, this initial service is on us! Our services come with a 30 day guarantee. We will not burden you with obligating contracts and offer flexible scheduling.


KY-KO Pest Prevention
(602) 889-9765

  • No Annual Contracts
  • Home Sealing, Termites, Scorpions, Bed Bugs
  • Green approach to pest management
  • Owner's Pride Guarantee
Living in the Sonoran Desert creates the need for premium pest control services. When you add lawns, landscaping, sprinkler systems and pools to our hot desert climate, you become a target for pests such as scorpions. We take care of all your emergency pest control needs, however, we also care about maintaining a safe and healthy environment month after month.

Pest Control & Elimination

A pest is a living organism which can cause many concerns including damage to crops and homes, spreading germs and promoting allergy issues, and posing unreasonable risks to humans and the environment. Although bacteria, rodents, mildew and insects are all part of the natural environment we live in, they can also be pests in our homes and immediate surroundings which is why quality pest control and elimination is necessary.

Taking the proper steps to control pests in and around your home, office, or leisure area is essential to pest control and elimination. Treatment that is done incorrectly can be dangerous to humans, animals and the environment. The best form of pest control and elimination is one that: is not hazardous to people or property, protects the environment, and is economical. Finding a Phoenix pest control and elimination service is the first step to getting your pest management needs under control.

Identifying pest problems, deciding how much pest control is necessary, choosing an effective option for treatment, and being able to evaluate the results are all parts of a complete pest control and elimination program. Pesticides can be a mixture used to help destroy and/or repel pests as well as prevent the reproduction of pests. Most pesticides are designed to kill or affect a living organism, but used in the correct manner can kill many potential diseases.

Whether you live in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Surprise or any surrounding area, is here to help you find the most reliable, professional, and effective pest control and elimination service to take care of those unwanted and problematic pests.

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