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Paint and other wall covering alternatives are amongst the most inexpensive, non-permanent and visual characteristics of the home. The options for ornamenting the walls of the home are varied and numerous. Paint of different colors, textures and applications; wall papers of varying patterns, designs and durability; trims and paneling of miscellaneous materials and dimensions. The careful process of selecting finishing wall applications for the home can be simplified by adding the experience and expertise of a professional painting or wall coverings contractor. Experience yields a broader knowledge of the options available.

The Language of Color

A basic color vocabulary includes the following terms:

Hue identifies the general family of a color, such as red, yellow, blue or green. The traditional color wheel is made up of twelve color families: red, red-orange, orange, yellow-range, yellow, yellow-green, green, blue-green, blue-red-violet, violet and blue-violet.

Color Wheel
Colors on the opposite side of the wheel from each other are called complementary colors. In combination, these create striking contrasts. For less contrast, choose colors next to each other on the color wheel, which are called analogous colors. Choosing colors of different tints within one color family creates a monochromatic color scheme.

Warm or Cool?

Different colors in the same family may be described as being "warm" or "cool." Colors with yellow undertones will seem warmer, while the same color with blue or red undertones will appear cool. Cool colors — blue, green, violet — invite relaxation and thought. Warm colors — red, orange, yellow — encourage conversation and play. ToFixIt! color experts suggest using both warm and cool colors in rooms where you desire balance and variety.

Value describes how light or dark a specific color may be. On most color strips, lighter values are at the top, mid-tone value are in the middle and darker values are at the bottom. When you combine colors from a single color strip, you're creating a monochromatic color scheme — perfect for creating a sophisticated, spacious look in a single room.

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