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Tis the season” to be outside with family and friends

We are just entering the time when we Arizonans start bragging about our weather.  (We are a pretty silent bunch during the summer.) But now with the warm days and the cool evenings and months of great weather ahead of us there seems to be optimism in the air. The holiday season and great weather means that friends and family are getting together to celebrate and relax. This is a great time to make sure your yard looks nice. It's not hard and there are months of payoff ahead. Here are a few things you can do to make your yard a perfect place to enjoy the holidays with friends.

Plant flowers now - Most people wait till spring to plant flowers but they are missing out.  Now is a great time.  Your flowers will grow through the winter and when spring comes they will take off.  They will become massive and beautiful now through Memorial Day.  A little color adds a lot to a yard.  

Winter lawn - Nothing beats the beautiful green of new winter lawns.  In addition, to keeping the dead summer grass from tracking in your home, the winter lawn is a brilliant color and in many ways is the best lawn you will see all year.  If you have a winter lawn in already, you probably had some starter fertilizer put in with it.  Now is the time to add some Nitra-King fertilizer to the lawn. This will kick in the deep dark green that we all love to see.

If you don't have a winter lawn then about Thanksgiving is the time to cut off your water to your lawn.  Your lawn is dormant and is not benefited at all by the water.  All you are doing is helping the weeds to grow. So save your water and your lawn.

Spruce up - Finally, don't underestimate the value a little "sprucing up" will do. Trimming the bushes, cleaning out the leaves and debris from the rocks and bushes, general clean up and pick up just makes your yard and you happy.

We at AAA All Pro Lawn & Sprinkler will pick-up and clean-up, rake rocks, clean out debris, remove old leaves, trim bushes and in general tighten up your yard so it looks great. We can also share ways to make your yard look great.  If you have some holiday gatherings we can show you how to make your yard perfect. Just give us a call and we'll make sure to get it beautiful in time for your big event.

Call us at 602-707-6596 and start enjoying this great weather in your own yard. Or visit them online.

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