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Your Investments… Uncertain Markets

Headlines, media, and the internet are filled with good news / bad news.
So who do you believe? And, what do you do?...

Dream again – Know Your Goals
In order to know your goals; you need to establish your goals. You would never jump on a ship without knowing your destinations. Find a Financial Planner that will charge you a fair price to help you put your goals (dreams) to a plan and action.

Investing is Fundamental not Emotional
My grandpa, a farmer, always told me, “no matter how hard I pray, I have never been able to control the weather.” But, fundamentally he would choose a reputable seed company, keep his equipment well maintained, rotate his crop, till the land, and track crop prices. Did my grandparents have the highest yielding crops every year? No, but they have farmed successfully for over 50 years. Investing fundamentally greatly increases your probability for success as well. Invest regularly, use an adviser, research, have different types of investments (diversification), have the proper percentage in each type (allocation), track your investments, and stay invested.

Measure Progress & Adjust as needed
Winning the championship is what’s important; not finding a superstar. Some people have the misconception that the performance of your investments is the most important thing. It is NOT! The most important thing is your dreams converted to experiences.

What do I do now?
All types of investments will always go through their cycles of success and struggle. You need to find an adviser strong enough to hold you accountable to the fundaments; someone that will provide advice along the way; and an adviser that measures success on your interests not theirs.

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