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Junk Removal

Garbage Guy
(602) 707-6653

  • Junk, Furniture, and Appliance Removal
  • Simple Rates - Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Construction, Residential & Site Clean-ups
  • Estate, Remodeling / Rental Clean-outs
Garbage Guy is the LOCAL Superhero of Clean-Up! He will take away your Junk, Yard Debris, Appliances or Bulk Trash. Donating all usable items to charity and gets your space back quickly. Rates are based on how much he hauls away. He offers discounts to ToFixIt! customers and can provide a quote over the phone.


Happy Junk Removal
(602) 396-1645

  • Garage/Storage Unit Clean-Outs
  • Yard Cleanups, Clutter Hauling
  • Relocation Debris Hauling
  • Couches, Furniture, Appliance Hauling
  • Entertainment Centers, TVs and Electronics Hauling
Happy Junk Removal is a full service junk removal company with a great customer track record. We are less expensive than larger companies because we are locally owned and do not pay franchise fees. The bulk of what we pick up is donated or recycled. Our expertise is happy customers! After the junk is hauled away we can also sweep, and power wash your garage, storage locker or warehouse.

Junk Removal

Do you have garbage, junk, rubbish, trash, debris, invading your living space inside your home? Or even in your yard? Maybe in your garage? It is something we all have at one time or another. It could be those tree trimmings, boxes still unpacked from your move, or a rental property that needs to be cleaned out.

If it is time to decide to do something about it we at ToFixIt! can recommend two great companies so that you can reclaim your space back today!
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