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How ToFixIt! Works
First of all, the service is FREE

Call ToFixIt! 24/7
Not sure of the company to call? Let our customer service representatives help you. Simply call (602) ToFixIt (863-4948). You will get a live person, 24/7 to help you out. Just tell them what you need and they will directly connect you to a great company that specializes in whatever service you need.

Call our companies directly
Our website allows you to search for your product or service by category. Just call the number on their page for your product or service today!

Request service at your convienience
If you navigate to your desired service or product on our site, by clicking on the green “Request Service” button in the upper right hand corner of that company’s page, you may then schedule an appointment at your convenience. Regardless if you contact us via telephone or website, we will refer companies who serve your area of the Valley.

How easy is it?

“It was so easy! My husband and I wanted to add a master bedroom with a walk-in closet to our home but had no idea which contractor to hire. I saw an ad on TV, went to, found the “Room Addition” button under the “Home” tab, clicked on “Room Addition”, entered my home zip code and landed on the page of what is now MY recommended contractor. I immediately called them from that page, they came right out, we agreed up pricing and we are now enjoying our new bedroom sanctuary and the closet of my dreams. I couldn’t be happier and the process of locating a contractor we both trust was so easy, thanks to ToFixIt!”
Susan L. - Scottsdale, Az.

"With 2 dogs and a cat, my carpeting was looking pretty awful.  I wasn't sure who I could trust to get new carpeting installed.  After going through the phone book, I quickly realized that there were way too many companies listed to know which company I should use. My mom told me about ToFixIt! and how you recommend trust certified companies. I decided to give you a try. When I called ToFixIt! and spoke to a nice lady, who answered my questions, she was able to recommend a great carpeting company and gave me their information.  She even told me that there were coupons on your website that I could print off and use. I can't tell you how helpful and easy the entire process was. The company you recommended was wonderful and I just love my new carpeting! I will definitely use ToFixIt! again. I'm glad there's a company out there like you with companies that I can trust"
Leah - Mesa, Az.

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Trisha K.
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