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Hazardous Material (Resources)
Nearly every household uses products containing hazardous materials. These are just SOME of the resources available within the ToFixIt! “Trust Certified” companies that can provide services if you have a need for Hazardous Material Testing & Removal needed in your home.

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According to the EPA, indoor air quality is of the top five most important environmental concerns of Americans today! Did you know that the air we breathe in our home can be dirtier and more polluted than the visible pollution we endure outside? This can cause such health issues such as asthma, respiratory allergies and aggravated emphysema.

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You might want to have your home tested for lead, especially if it was built before the year 1978. Lead from paint, resulting from peeling or flaking paint, can get into the soil in and around a home. Testing can tell you whether there is lead-based paint or a lead based paint hazard in your home.

Visit or call the ToFixIt local expert today to learn more about lead testing.

Mold testing is not normally needed unless you have experienced water damage to your home. A simple approach to know if you may have an issue is if you can see or smell mold, you may have a problem. Reliable sampling for mold can be expensive & requires equipment not available to the general public..

It is recommended that the technician’s of the company you hire are fully trained in IAQ and follow the NADCA Standards. Visit or call the ToFixIt local expert today to learn more about mold testing.

In the 70's sprayed ceilings was very popular because of the substantial savings, that builder realized by spraying all the ceilings with a lumpy texture called "popcorn" texture. Many of the early spray mixes may have contained significant amounts of asbestos, but there is no way to know for sure without laboratory testing.

More homeowners are now looking for guidance in removing the existing popcorn texture and returning to the traditional look of flat ceilings. If your home was built during the 70’s you should be cautious about removing your popcorn ceiling.

Let the experts at ToFixIt! remove your existing popcorn ceilings today.

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