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Brakes are much more than just shoes and pads, they are a system of various components that must work perfectly together at all times to keep you and your passengers safe. It is imperative that you have your brakes thoroughly inspected each year. A proper brake inspection means carefully checking everything in the entire system, from the pedals to the wheels.

ToFixIt!’s brake specialists will conduct a complete inspection of your braking system to keep your car stopping smoothly and help avoid more costly repairs down the road. The following are warning signs to look for that may indicate problems with your brake system, but its good practice to have anything unusual checked out immediately.
  • Some braking noise is normal, but it should be minimal. The brakes need attention if you hear excessive: squealing, screeching, chattering, grinding, clattering or groaning.
  • If the brake pedal or steering wheel shakes or vibrates, or if the vehicle shakes when the brakes are applied, it may be due to:
    • Disc brake rotors in need of resurfacing
    • A loose component
    • A faulty steering mechanism
  • If vehicle brakes grab at the slightest pressure, it could be:
    • A problem with grease-or oil-contaminated linings
    • A loose or broken component that could fail in an emergency
  • If the vehicle pulls to the side when braking, it could be due to:
    • Under inflated tire(s)
    • Brakes in need of adjustment
    • Brakes requiring repair
*If the vehicle has sticking brakes, hot wheels or loss of engine power, it could be due to brakes that fail to release. This is a situation that can suddenly reverse itself, leaving the vehicle without brakes.
With such an important system relating to the safety of your vehicle, it is important to find a service provider that you can trust. ToFixIt! diligently researches each company to ensure that they provide their customers with quality, reliable service. Get your car’s brakes looked at by trusted and certified professionals recommended by ToFixIt!
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