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Bird & Bee Control


Burns Pest Elimination
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Pesky birds make bad neighbors. They're noisy, and are a potential health risk. Bird droppings and nests carry various diseases that can be passed on to people and pets. Their nests are home to parasites such as mites, fleas, ticks and pathogens. Let Burns Pest Elimination evict your unwanted guests with Our Guaranteed Bird Service.


KY-KO Pest Prevention
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  • Home Sealing, Termites, Scorpions, Bed Bugs
  • Green Approach to Pest Management
  • Owner's Pride Guarantee
Living in the Sonoran Desert creates the need for premium pest control services. When you add lawns, landscaping, sprinkler systems and pools to our hot desert climate, you become a target for pests such as scorpions. We take care of all your emergency pest control needs, however, we also care about maintaining a safe and healthy environment month after month.

Bird & Bee Control

Did you know that there are laws in almost every state protecting birds? Including the pesky ones you might be trying to get rid of? Do your homework and learn the identity of the types of birds in your yard before taking any action. A common factor that draws unwanted guest to your yard, are dropped bird seeds. Remember to keep the area under your feeder clean. Birds can be an enjoyment but not the ones that can cause illness to you or your animals.

Call the experts today and have peace of mind knowing you are protecting your family.
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