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If you are like most homeowners, you have two concerns when it comes to hot water.

 First, you hate waiting around for your shower to get hot and second, it’s no fun when you are halfway through your shower and you run out of hot water.  Most homeowners here in Arizona deal with one or both of these issues daily.  If you are of those homeowners, good news, there is a simple solution available.  You can eliminate the waiting around for your shower to get hot by installing an economically running circulating pump on your water heater. 

Many homes here in Arizona are designed in such a way that the water heater, usually in the garage, is on the other side of the home from the bathrooms.

 During the night or if not used throughout the day, the water in the pipes cools off.  In the morning, you turn on your shower and have to send all that water in the lines down the drain waiting until hot water from the heater arrives at your shower.  This not only wastes your time, but you can waste thousands of gallons of water a year while waiting for that hot water to arrive. 

You can eliminate the waiting around for your shower to get hot by installing an economically running circulating pump on your water heater.  This little device is designed to periodically pump hot water through your pipes.  This way when you go to turn that shower on, the pipes are already filled with hot water.  No more waiting around watching all that water go down your drains.  Save yourself some money and time by looking into a hot water recirculation system today. 

In the Arizona desert, water is a limited resource, one that we do not want to needlessly waste. Knowing that, most local municipalities and utility companies encourage their customer’s to install hot water recirculation systems.  An average American household wastes more than 3,650 gallons of hot water each year while waiting for water to get to the fixture (Klein, Gary. 2004. Plumbing Systems & Design. Hot-Water Distribution Systems Part 1. Mar/Apr 2004.)   The utility companies understand how much water this is when you add up all the homes in a city.  Tens of millions of gallons of water each year are sent down the drain while people wait around for the hot water to arrive.  This has many of those municipalities and utilities even providing rebates and incentives to customers who install hot water recirculating systems. For example: the City of Scottsdale is currently offering a rebate up to $200 for installing a system in your home.  Certain restrictions apply; see their website for details on how to obtain this rebate. 

Do yourself a favor and find out how a new hot water recirculating system could save you time and money.   Help out our environment by taking advantage of this and other water saving devices.  For more information, call your plumber and find out what it would take to have a new hot water recirculating system installed in your home.  The ToFixIt plumbing experts are excited to meet with you, to discuss your recirculating pump needs and other plumbing needs. Give them a call today at (602) 863-4948 or visit the website at: